In the last month we have found ourselves living physically apart and we have had to adopt new strategies to help us feel closer. We were supported by new technologies, thanks to chat, video-call, remote connection methods and tools that we didn’t even know existed before and that we now use every day!

Certainly, what this experience has allowed us to rediscover is the value of communication, especially in times of distance and transition to a new way of relating and living in general.

This applies not only to individuals but also to companies, which can find in communication channels the key to face difficulties, to maintain a positive climate and to seize new opportunities.

Also from a professional point of view, we are experiencing a completely new situation: we work from home, we have to intercat virtually and more often with our colleagues and suppliers, we are also called to make team decisions “at a distance”.


Communicating with colleagues

Having to work remotely, communicating effectively at the time of Covid-19 is essential and can become an opportunity to maximize and enhance the resources available in a variety of ways:

  • The simple exchange of information necessary for the functioning of a team can become an opportunity to rework processes that are sometimes too slow or complex, finding new strategies and solutions that can be used even once back to normal.
  • Sharing information to stay up to date is an action that we will continue to carry out even when we return to the office. In order to do this we have learned to choose quick and smart solutions, but also original and personalized ones that we should try to keep even afterwards in the vis-à-vis interaction.
  • At this time, companies must maintain an open dialogue with their employees, they cannot simply communicate decisions and initiatives taken to deal with this situation. In fact, people may feel disoriented, frightened and, as a result, unmotivated.
  • Using effective internal communication channels becomes crucial to create a positive climate, maintain confidence, provide clarity and reassurance while waiting to return to the office with more determination.

In short, enhancing internal communication at this time of great need can be useful to work even better in the future!

Communicate with new talents and clients

It is also essential to rethink the way companies communicate externally, even though there are phases of less activity.

  • Messages promoted online, but not only, are an opportunity to make themselves known to potential new talents, who find fertile ground if an effective communication method is used, which demonstrates positivity, commitment and the company’s ability to address situations with innovative solutions.
  • Demonstrating these positive characteristics can also be useful in communication with customers, which should not be interrupted by a temporary reduction in collaborations. On the contrary, at this moment it can help to maintain strong ties, making Customers perceive interest and continuous commitment. As well as personal relationships, relations between Companies need to be cultivated when going through difficult times, in order to return to normal stronger than before.

In conclusion

In a moment of strong and sudden change we are rediscovering something that remains constant throughout the ages: communicating is good, always, but especially when we are caught by the novelty.

And in a world in continuous evolution, better not to be unprepared!

Ilaria Sirito